Server Host Address: "" Server Port: 21025

No need to use no user and password, that is to recognize admins.

You need our mods pack to play on our server and Starbound version number 1.4.4

Mods here (mirror: here)

Unzip the file directly in Starbound's game folder root and overwrite if necessary (means you had one of the mods but outdated, overwriting it gets updated) the server should be playable if you install other mods, maybe, we haven't tried yet, we have no idea what happens... we know for sure you need our file.

Unzip them using 7Zip inside your Starbound Directory

Our Discord Server

There have been updates on the mods please download our modpack again

Here are Planets with coordinates where we built structures, the blocks are not protected yet so please don't vandalize XD at most upgrade existing structure or build new.

Gath Memvar Threshold VII its the name of the first and Ichora IV or V (it's a wateryworld) is the name of the second

Screenshots: Our entry in Chucklefish lists of servers entry in Another list

Happy gaming!

Sophia (Queen Sofi-Anek#6297 on Discord, PhoebeLunarQween and Fannie Black on Starbound)